Twin Peaks movie or TV series?
by Anonymous

I think I liked the movie more. Lynch had free range to make it as wild as he wanted.

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July 13 2014

Will you guys have the Bobs Burgers shirt on the Common Vision tour?
by Anonymous

Nope. Design is done. We had a good run, and then a bunch of other bands ripped it off. RIP TINA.

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July 12 2014


My book is finally finished and in my hands and I am so fucking happy with how it looks. It feels really, really, really good to actually feel and understand the meaning of the word Gratifying. I still have about ten left online, you can grab one here before I ship them all out in the next two weeks.


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June 25 2014

Here is where I will be all summer. Come hang out.

Here is where I will be all summer. Come hang out.

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June 25 2014
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After trying to distance myself from Tumblr and all of the bullshit that goes hand in hand with most social networking sites, I’ve been looking for a place to organize my thoughts and share photos/experiences with people who seemingly give a shit about what I do with my life. I’ve also realized that in order to reach a more widespread audience, I’m going to have to deal with said bullshit and…embrace it? Whatever. I’m back for now, here it is. Death Rattle. Enjoy.

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June 25 2014